Wellbeing & Performance,
At Hoap, we pair smart technology with education, to arm your talent and leaders with the skills they need to thrive. Embedding seamlessly into your organisation's current ecosystem, we partner with you to drive performance through a culture of wellbeing.

Our approach to wellbeing has been tried and tested by high performance organisations around the world.

We elevate teams with evidence-based knowledge and a focus on technology and education.


We are the industry leaders in monitoring personal and team wellbeing.

Our smart technology enables your organisation to know how talent are really feeling, giving your leaders the opportunity to make meaningful change at the time it is needed.


We ensure your talent and leaders are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to drive personal and team wellbeing.

Our tools and resources, original expert content and multiple training options mean your organisation always has access to an appropriate level of education.


We partner with your organisation to embed wellbeing into your culture.

We form part of your organisation's ecosystem and work with you to not only implement new initiatives, but optimise offerings you already have in place.

Welcome to the workplace wellbeing evolution. Take a look at how our smart technology can help your team to thrive.

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